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About us

the intersection of brewing, history & culture

In Ybor City, history and vibrant culture seamlessly intertwine. The streets, paved with enduring brick that once bore the dreams of cigar artisans and traders, whisper tales of the past. The architectural tapestry of colorful facades, ornate wrought iron balconies, and intricate tile work narrates a story of Spanish, Italian, and Cuban influences that have shaped the neighborhood. Amidst these alleys and streets roams an unexpected ensemble—the renowned Ybor City chickens, descendants of the area's earliest inhabitants.
We proudly make this "Cigar City" our home, where one can relish handcrafted ciders and meads, enveloped by echoes of a bygone era when artisans meticulously rolled cigars and shared stories. We're honored to be immersed in a realm where the past gracefully waltzes with the present, and where the flavors of tradition meld seamlessly with contemporary craftsmanship.


cigar city cider

Russel Simons

General Manager
20+ years experience in craft beverages.  Smart, funny, good looking, humble.

Jacque Jones (Jack)

Head Bartender
Friendly, knowledgeable, hard working, scared of manatees.

Jared Gilbert

Mazer / Winemaker
Sixteen years of wine making. Creative and passionate.

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